A Little (Not So Little) Word From Atomic... September 29 2014 3 Comments

Ladies and gentlemen: I, Atomic BombChelle, Co-Conspirator and Creative Overlord of Trixie B. True, have quite my day job. I have fully transitioned into a caffeine fueled sparkle maniac and am so very excited to be working Trixie full time. You, whoever you are, may have been following Trixie from the sidelines, maybe circled the page a few times, liked us on Facebook, wondered where the hell all the product is, maybe developed a general sense of who we are…maybe not. Here’s a little real talk to invite you all in to really see what we are doing over here.

Trixie B. True has been a LONG time dream of our owner and mastermind Trayla Parx. The Trixie-Vibe has been growing and evolving, manifested in Trailer themed purses, dog accessories, giant bowler bags and a bin fondly referred to as the “reject pile”. While Trixie and Trayla have NEVER been short on creativity, it is TIME that has been the intangible asset that we are fiend-ing for. Both Trayla and I have been trying to run this full-time production in addition to our full-time jobs, and it is absolutely maddening. We are chomping at the bit to grow this company to it’s full potential and to offer the best selection of nostalgic glitter couture. In Short: This is why I’ve quite my day job, to try and give Trixie that last element of unrestricted time to work. We are here, balls out, guns blazing, playing offense, kicking ass, taking names. Thank you to everyone, and it really has been EVERYONE, that has been understanding of our varied turn-around on custom products---because seriously, we are up all hours trying to deliver the best, hand-crafted accessories for you (yes, you!). Now that I am here full time to manage our production, things will (hypothetically) be running more smoothly. Or we will implode from the ungodly amount of French-pressed coffee that we consume. Both possibilities are pretty exciting.

So enough about us, let’s hear about you! We would love to get to know the people that have been so supportive of us! You clearly suffered this tangent for some reason and we would love to know! Give us your spiel in the comments below! (Seriously, we’ll read ‘em!) Exclamation points!!!


Xoxo Atomic

Tuning In Full-Time To Radio Trixie.