How A Moldy Old Trailer, 5 Severed Tendons And Roller Rink Girl Gangs Inspired Trixie B. True June 19 2015

...and Donna Summer/roller disco/pom-poms on your skates/strawberry lip gloss/feathered hair/kissing boys behind the pinball machines.

(Image borrowed from Coed Magazine)


A lot of things are responsible for the birth of Trixie B. True. It has been a wild and amazing journey growing this dream over this past year and we need your help to take it to the next level! We've put together this little GoFundMe campaign not to just ask for donations but to share a little bit about who we are, where we came from and where we want to go. We promise it's a good read regardless of whether or not you are compelled to participate! You have all done so much for this company and we are grateful everyday do be surrounded by such incredible friends and customers! Sharing is caring, help us get the word out!
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A Little (Not So Little) Word From Atomic... September 29 2014 3 Comments

Ladies and gentlemen: I, Atomic BombChelle, Co-Conspirator and Creative Overlord of Trixie B. True, have quite my day job. I have fully transitioned into a caffeine fueled sparkle maniac and am so very excited to be working Trixie full time. You, whoever you are, may have been following Trixie from the sidelines, maybe circled the page a few times, liked us on Facebook, wondered where the hell all the product is, maybe developed a general sense of who we are…maybe not. Here’s a little real talk to invite you all in to really see what we are doing over here.

Trixie B. True has been a LONG time dream of our owner and mastermind Trayla Parx. The Trixie-Vibe has been growing and evolving, manifested in Trailer themed purses, dog accessories, giant bowler bags and a bin fondly referred to as the “reject pile”. While Trixie and Trayla have NEVER been short on creativity, it is TIME that has been the intangible asset that we are fiend-ing for. Both Trayla and I have been trying to run this full-time production in addition to our full-time jobs, and it is absolutely maddening. We are chomping at the bit to grow this company to it’s full potential and to offer the best selection of nostalgic glitter couture. In Short: This is why I’ve quite my day job, to try and give Trixie that last element of unrestricted time to work. We are here, balls out, guns blazing, playing offense, kicking ass, taking names. Thank you to everyone, and it really has been EVERYONE, that has been understanding of our varied turn-around on custom products---because seriously, we are up all hours trying to deliver the best, hand-crafted accessories for you (yes, you!). Now that I am here full time to manage our production, things will (hypothetically) be running more smoothly. Or we will implode from the ungodly amount of French-pressed coffee that we consume. Both possibilities are pretty exciting.

So enough about us, let’s hear about you! We would love to get to know the people that have been so supportive of us! You clearly suffered this tangent for some reason and we would love to know! Give us your spiel in the comments below! (Seriously, we’ll read ‘em!) Exclamation points!!!


Xoxo Atomic

Tuning In Full-Time To Radio Trixie. 

It's Alive! September 18 2014

That's right eager beavers, it's alive!!! Wait, what is it? Oh right, our Etsy account! We may have allowed it collect some dust as we have poured our love into our mother-site, but the Etsy is back and it's ready to KIIIIICK and STREEEETCH Sally O'Malley style!!! (for the love of god if you have no idea who Sally O'Malley is, fix that now, here). So right now we've got some fabulous fannies listed and will be adding more throughout the week! 


Here is the link to our etsy, please check it before we wreck it. 


Sally O'Malley, kickin' and stretchin'

Our Hats Are On Backwards Because We're Gettin' Shit Done! August 06 2014 1 Comment

Oh yes, Trixie friends, we're gettin' shit done! So much caffeine! So much time (not really...)! But so much love from all of our friends and fans has us going ape shit on our website! We just got our custom-order plug-in so get ready for some crazy custom action! Swacthes, glitter vinyl, fonts, oh my! 


Thank you, RollerCon! July 29 2014

Hello Trixie Fans! We are back to reality up here in Northern California and a long list of 'thank yous' are in order! We are overwhelmed by the love and support we received last week in Las Vegas at RollerCon! First of all thank you to all of our friends and teammates that stepped in to our booth to help with traffic and sales--we couldn't have done it without you! Secondly we would love to thank all of our new friends and customers that took home a Trixie product, chatted us up or even just walked by to see what we are about! We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding as we juggled our custom orders and hope that your new Trixie will continue to delight!

We had SUCH a blast and have left with a lot of inspiration for new designs! We have LOTS of new opportunities on the horizon and are thrilled to pieces about the future of Trixie which, again, isn't possible without all you beautiful people!

Keep your eyes on our site for new product and our custom order system! We will have swatches and color samples up so that we can continue to create unique and awesome things for you!

And now, the much awaited RollerCon induced coma:) 

XOXO Atomic

RollerCon 2014


Where Is All The Product??? July 21 2014

You may by now be asking yourself, "Where the heck is all of Trixie's product?? I can't find it anywhere on this site!" Don't worry, you aren't crazy, we are! As Trixie has rebranded and started developing new designs, we are carefully rebuilding our inventory! At the moment we are heading down to Vegas (remember our rad Vegas trip from the last blog post?) and have all of our new items and the last of the old! Our ready-made items are available in person through Stacy and Michelle and we are still, of course, able to coordinate with you over custom designs. 

That being said we will be back from Vegas at the end of the week and you can keep your eyes on our site because product will appear! Thank you for your patience and if you happen to be in Vegas, come check out our wares at RollerCon!



Here is a little teaser of our new "fanny" design! Our machines have been running non-stop pumping these babies out!