Thank you, RollerCon! July 29 2014

Hello Trixie Fans! We are back to reality up here in Northern California and a long list of 'thank yous' are in order! We are overwhelmed by the love and support we received last week in Las Vegas at RollerCon! First of all thank you to all of our friends and teammates that stepped in to our booth to help with traffic and sales--we couldn't have done it without you! Secondly we would love to thank all of our new friends and customers that took home a Trixie product, chatted us up or even just walked by to see what we are about! We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding as we juggled our custom orders and hope that your new Trixie will continue to delight!

We had SUCH a blast and have left with a lot of inspiration for new designs! We have LOTS of new opportunities on the horizon and are thrilled to pieces about the future of Trixie which, again, isn't possible without all you beautiful people!

Keep your eyes on our site for new product and our custom order system! We will have swatches and color samples up so that we can continue to create unique and awesome things for you!

And now, the much awaited RollerCon induced coma:) 

XOXO Atomic

RollerCon 2014


Where Is All The Product??? July 21 2014

You may by now be asking yourself, "Where the heck is all of Trixie's product?? I can't find it anywhere on this site!" Don't worry, you aren't crazy, we are! As Trixie has rebranded and started developing new designs, we are carefully rebuilding our inventory! At the moment we are heading down to Vegas (remember our rad Vegas trip from the last blog post?) and have all of our new items and the last of the old! Our ready-made items are available in person through Stacy and Michelle and we are still, of course, able to coordinate with you over custom designs. 

That being said we will be back from Vegas at the end of the week and you can keep your eyes on our site because product will appear! Thank you for your patience and if you happen to be in Vegas, come check out our wares at RollerCon!



Here is a little teaser of our new "fanny" design! Our machines have been running non-stop pumping these babies out!

Vegas, Baby! July 03 2014 1 Comment

We are VERY excited to anounce that the Trixie crew will be hitting the road in just a few short weeks to fabulous Las Vegas! What has Trixie Vegas-bound?! We will be unrolling our all new designs at "RollerCon", this most highly anticipated Roller Derby event of the year (get the low-down on this awesome event here:! Our designers have expanded Trixie's style to not only deliver the finest in retro-nostagia but to strike a few chords in the hearts of some of the baddest women around: Derby Girls! The shocks and thrills of the derby track collide with some of our favorite vintage vices! Trixie is, afterall, skater owned and operated (check out more info on the gals running this show on Trixie's main website!) If you were a fan of Trixie B. True before, you are gonna love the new look on this brassy brand!

Trixie will be in Vegas with RollerCon at The Riviera from July 23rd through July 27th offering not only the newest designs but the opportunity for customers to personalize their items. If there's anything a derby gal can't resist it's the opportunity to throw her skate name and number onto her gear! We will be offering screen printed numbers and limited applique so that Trixie B. True will be true to you!

Check back for more as we release sneak peaks of new products! 

We are so excited ! Vegas, Baby!