Build Your Own "Side Car" Fanny Pack/ Hip Bag!

$ 40.00

Heading out for the night? Or maybe off to a long day of sight-seeing likely end in 50 plastic baggies hanging off your poor wrists? Maybe you just have to take care of business and don't need a purse slowing you down. Fret no more friends, we have what you are looking for: stay hands-free with Trixie B. True's original fanny pack/hip bag! Not the boxy canvas sack that we all reluctantly recall from the 90's, our hip/bag fanny pack is a low-profile bag that conforms to your waist while still carrying your necessities! 

9.5"x6.5", adjustable waist strap 33'' to 49'', deep enough for a pair of sunglasses, keys, cell phone, stray bills & that chapstick you never use. Mix and match premium cotton liners from our "Fabrics" page to any of the Vinyls from our "Vinyls" page. Stay edgy and creative when schlepping your odds and ends!